Implementation of Dowry Prohibition Act

In July 2004, the State Government amended the Kerala Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961 by superseding the Kerala Dowry Prohibition Rules 1992.The amended Act incorporated same of the longstanding demands of the National Women’s Commission. Accordingly, three Regional (Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi & Kozhikode) Dowry Prohibition Officers (RDPOs) were posted with independent charge.

The Director of Social Justice Department is the Chief Dowry Prohibition Officer to whom the RDPOs report.

Duties and Responsibilities of Regional Dowry Prohibition Officers prescribed under the Act are as follows:

  • To create awareness about the ill effects of dowries among the public through camps organised by the Information and Broad Casting Department, Local Self Government Institutions and other medias.
  • To conduct supervision checks and inquiries to ascertain whether there has been any violation of the provisions of the Act or Rules.
  • To maintains registers to record all complaints, inquiries and their results along with other relevant information.
  • To accept complaints for any offence under the Act from the party of persons aggrieved or any other person or organisations.
  • To act as Member Secretary of the Advisory Board.

Addresses of Dowry Prohibition Officers

1. Chief Dowry Prohibition Officer

   Social Justice Department

2. Zonal Dowry Prohibition Officer

Ph. No. 0471- 2342896

3. Zonal Dowry Prohibition Officer

    Near High Court, Kochi
    Ph. No. 0484-2394271

4. Zonal Dowry Prohibition Officer

   Civil Station, Kozhikode
Ph. No. 0495-2371792