ICDS Training Programme (60% CSS)


The aim of ICDS training is to capacitate all the functionaries of ICDS as agents of social change. ICDS training is a national initiative for quality improvement in training of ICDS functionaries, to achieve improvement in the quality of early childhood care and development. Training is crucial to the success of ICDS Programme. All the functionaries including ICDS Supervisors, Anganwadi Workers and Helpers are given induction, orientation training and refresher training once in every two years as well. Now, one Middle Level Training Centre for training of ICDS Supervisors and 14Anganwadi Worker/Helper Training Centers are functioning. The component activities of this scheme include induction/ orientation, and refresher training and other capacity building programmes. ICDS training is a continuous process. Every year State Training Action Plan (STRAP) is prepared and sent to Government of India for approval and release of Central share of funds.
Government of India has approved continuance of the ICDS Training Programmes as per revised financial norms relating to training of various ICDS functionaries. An amount of Rs. 1050 lakh is needed for continuing the scheme as per revised financial norms approved by Government of India.