Marriage assistance to inmates of women welfare institutions under OCB

Age-old joint family system has been deeply impacted by modernization and westernization and has led to its decline and paved the way to the emergence of nuclear households in corroding the sacred family bonds. As a negative outcome of this nuclear family setup, women who lost their partners, women and children belonging to broken families, vulnerable families and families adversely affected due to alcoholism & drug abuse, suffer mostly since they are isolated from the main stream of the society.
As a helping hand for such target groups and to provide them with much needed care and protection there are several welfare institutions functioning under the supervision and control of Orphanage Control Board. Even though such welfare institutions cater shelter, food, and clothing and provide rehabilitation for majority of inmates there exists a group of women and children who can’t be rehabilitated using the present system and are accommodated in such institutions.
The objective of the scheme is to cater a complete rehabilitation of such target groups by providing them a secure family setup by identifying an eligible partner who will marry them by accepting their limitations.
Guidelines of the scheme:-
• The institutions must provide an opportunity to such women and children for pursuing mainstream education including higher education and vocational training. Prepare a detailed list by identifying the inmates (females above 18 years) who are interested and are willing to marry and want to start a new family.
• Provide training in parenting skills, child nurturing and home care for such identified inmates. Seek the help of Specialized Counseling centers.
• The Institution Superintendent can find a suitable bridegroom for the identified inmates by giving matrimonial advertisements. If the inmate has any relatives they can take the responsibility of finding a suitable partner for them.
• Once the partner has been identified, the Superintendent should arrange a meeting of both partners in visitor’s room and seek their mutual consent for marriage. Once the bridegroom has been fixed, the Superintendent has to collect a detailed enquiry report about the bridegroom and submit it before the Managing Committee.
• It is mandatory to give pre-marital counseling to both partners who have mutually agreed for marriage.
• The institution has to collect an affidavit duly signed by the fiancé declaring his consent for marriage, keep a medical certificate of the bridegroom.
Amount of Assistance
An amount of Rs. 50,000/- will be given as financial assistance to each inmates as part of marriage expenses. This amount can be utilized for buying jewelry, bridal clothes, etc.