Schemes for Mother & Child

The women constitute the pivot around which the family, the society and humanity revolve. It is well observed that the hands that rock the cradle rule the world. Women play a significant role in the development of their children.


Following links provides the basic information about each scheme:

1. Supplementary Nutrition Programme (50% CSS) 
2. ICDS Training Programme (60% CSS) 
3. Integrated Child Development Service (60% CSS) 
4. Convergence of Pre-school and Pre-primary Education Centres in Anganwadis
5. First 1000 Days programme for infants in Tribal Area 
6. GIS based Mother and Child Health Tracking System in Mananthawady, Attapady and other backward blocks
7. Integrated Rural Technology Centre-IRTC Training Programme to AWWs in Pre-School Education 
8. Sradha scheme for creating awareness on legislations related to women & children 
9. Kaithangu scheme for prevention of atrocities against women & children 
10. Marriage assistance to inmates of women welfare institutions