Integrated Child Protection Scheme (60% CSS)

The strength of the State lies in a healthy, protected, educated and well-developed child population that will grow up to be productive citizens. Child rights are universal, inherent, inalienable and indivisible. Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) is integrally linked to every other right of the child.It comprises of several structures like:

  1. State Child Protection Society
  2. District Child Protection Unit
  3. Child Welfare Committee
  4. Juvenile Justice Board
  5. Care Institutions for children as per JJ Act 2000
  6. State Adoption Resource Agency

The activities of Special Adoption Agency, Shelter Homes and Open Shelters and Child line also come under ICPS. NGO Participation is envisaged under the following component activities:

  1. Special Adoption Agency (SAA)
  2. Shelter Homes and Open Shelters